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Dynamic Aging



Each of the twelve chapters of my book, have a poem and a story which

illustrate the premise therein:


Chapter 1    Attitude - "From Ho-Hum to Wow"


Chapter 2    Pay Attention - "Old Age is not a Disease"


Chapter 3    Act Alive - "Just Being Alive is a Call for Rapture."  Rumi


Chapter 4    Challenge Yourself - "Bite Off More than You can Chew, then

                     Chew It."  Maggie Kuhn, Founder of the Gray Panthers


Chapter 5     Adventure - "I Came into the World to Live Out Loud."  Emile Zola


Chapter 6     Have Fun - "Dance Like Noone is Watching"  Aaron


Chapter 7     Play - "Find Yourself Something to do and Make Yourself Happy."


Chapter 8     Converse/Communicate - "I could tell you if I want to, who I really                             am, but I don't really want to, and you don't give a damn."


Chapter 9     Unpack - "We Carry Around A Lot of Worldly Baggage."  Jo Carson


Chapter 10   Celebrate - "Did I Live, Did I Love, Did I Matter" Brandon Burchard


Chapter 11    Spread Joy, More and More - "Joy is a net of love, by which to catch                           souls."  Mother Teresa


Chapter 12    Express Gratitude - "Every Day A Holiday, Every Meal A Feast."

                       Billy Kimbrel


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