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A New Motto

Dress like CoCo,

Act Like Audrey,

Laugh Like Lucy,

Live like Jesus.

You have to be of a certain age to understand or remember who these iconic women were.

CoCo Chanel was a French designer who created a modern look for women in the 1930s that has lasted until today. She released women from the constraints of corsets and created the flapper look, short skirts and loose fitting clothes. She was one of the richest women in the world due to her line of perfumes, including Chanel No. 5, her jewelry and handbags. The Chanel suite, a sophisticated unfitted jacket and slim skirt were a hall mark of her style.

Audrey Hepburn-a movie actress whose stunning brunette and waif like appearance and innocence earned her the title of a fashion icon who se style continues to this day. Hepburn won many accolades as an actress and spent many years as an ambassador for UNICEF. A great humanitarian who devoted her life to helping others through the United Nations Children’s Relief fund. She was awarded the United States Medal of Freedom for her humanitarian work.

Lucy Arnaz was a zany red heard comedienne who was always creating situations that got her and her side kick, Ethel, in trouble. and her husband in life and in comedy roles,, Desi Arnaz, would always come to the rescue. She was the queen of television comedy and brought laughter to many families.

Then if we dress like CoCo, act like Audrey and laugh like Lucy, how do we live like Jesus? This is a question each person seeks to answer for themselves.

For me dressing like CoCo means that I don’t go around in sweat pants with no make-up, but I get up every morning and dress for the day with my make-up on, even if my husband is the only person I will see that day. To act like Audrey is to be concerned about the suffering in the world and make a conscious effort to do what I are called to do. Life gets very serious, sad, disappointing and hard so the only way to make it through with a whole heart is to remember to laugh like Lucy.

As you age dynamically may you dress like CoCo, Act like Audrey, laugh like Lucy and live like Jesus..

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