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I Intend to Live Forever...So Far, So Good

I INTEND TO LOVE FOREVER---So Far So Good. This sign was a gift to my husband for his 79th birthday. He is the epitome of this intention. He is full of energy, goals and dreams. He goes to work at 7:30 each morning, trying to make money in the stock market so he can give it away. He drives the oldest truck and wears the oldest clothes of anyone in our town. He is a County Commissioner and keeps a tight reign on the taxpayer’s money. He is finance chair of our local Methodist Church and has sung in the Church choir for 60 years. He quips that he has never been asked to sing a solo. At first glance it appears that the intention to live forever is the height of hubris. But no matter what the intention about long life is, well, so far, so good.

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